An example of a poor EHCP

Claire will have access to a salary

No amount of money or frequency of payment is specified and you are not guaranteed to get it.

Claire would benefit from a pension scheme

No amount of money is specified and you don’t know if or when you are going to get it.

Claire needs support from skilled staff

You need support but this doesn’t say you will get it

No mention of the type of support. Will they do your admin, make your lunch for example?

1:1 support or shared with 50 other people?

No mention of the skills, experience or training of the staff.  They could be skilled in elephant training based on this description.

Claire needs opportunities for holidays

No frequency or duration is specified and no one is going to give you the opportunities unless you fight for them.

You need holidays but this doesn’t say you are going to get any.

Claire will have a keyboard etc

What does ‘etc’ mean?

Will there be a laptop or any software to go with that?

Claire will have equipment, e.g. a pen

Define ‘equipment’.

There’s no guarantee you will even get the pen!