Appeals, tribunals and mediation

Advice from SENDIST about mediation

After lodging your appeal

Asking for an independent school or college

Appeals Process Flow chart

Bundle maximum page numbers

Consent orders

Disability Discrimination – claim against a school

Email received from Tribunal after lodging an appeal

Ending an appeal

Examples of Evidence

Guidelines for Parents/Carers looking for support with Tribunal/dispute (from the Council for Disabled Children)

How to complete a SEND 7

How to complete a SEND 35

How to complete a SEND 35a

Legal Aid


MediationAdvice from SENDIST

Video on Mediation

Pre-Action Protocol Letter

Position Statement OR Chronology Timeline

Refusal to Assess

Refusal to Issue

The Right to Mainstream


Top tips for Section I hearings

Tribunal Officers

Tribunal Support Service Level Agreement

What happens on the day of your appeal?

Working Document and a Tribunal Bundle