Complaining about failure to make provision in an EHCP (template letter)

Download a copy of the Complaining about failure to make provision (template letter), or use the text below.

Complaining when the special educational provision in an EHC plan is not being made: Model letter 6

All of the parts of this letter in bold will need to be changed or deleted so that they are relevant to your situation.


[Your address and contact details]

Director of Children’s Services [or other title if different]

[Name of Local Authority]

[Address of LA]

[If you know the email address of the Director also send by email and add here:]

And by email to: [insert email address]


For the attention of [insert name of the Director of Children’s Services]

Dear [Sir or Madam],

[Child or young person’s name], DoB [date of birth]: Complaint regarding failure to make provision specified in an EHC plan

I am writing as the parent of the above [child/young person], who has an EHC plan and attends [name of school or college].

Under Section F, the EHC plan specifies the special educational provision [child or young person’s name] should receive and I understand that you have a legal duty to “secure” this provision.

I am sorry to have to inform you that you are in breach of this legal duty, on the grounds that the following provision is currently not being made:

[Insert details of the provision set out in the EHC plan which is not being made; how long this has been happening; and any reasons given by the school/college as to why it is not being made.]

Please reply to this letter as soon as possible, but in any event within 5 working days of receiving it, confirming the steps that you will take to ensure that the special educational provision specified in [child or young person’s name]’s EHC plan will, in fact, be made.

I look forward to an early reply and trust that it will not be necessary to take this matter further.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

[Or if on behalf of a young person:]

[Your name] on behalf of [name of young person]