Compliments, comments and complaints

How do I send a compliment or comment?

You can send a compliment or a comment to any team in Surrey. You can email their generic email, the person directly or their manager. We can help to find the correct email address if needed.

To send a compliment or comment to SEND Advice Surrey team please email or leave a message on 01737 737300. The team collate and summarise their compliments and thanks on Appreciation Cards.

Who can I complain?

The person who makes the complaint must either be the person receiving the services or a person complaining on behalf of the person receiving the services. This can include children and young people, their parents, carers or legal guardians or someone who has the permission of the person receiving the services to represent them.

Complaining about:

You can contact your local County Councillor to make enquiries on your behalf. You can find your County Councillor here:

Your Borough or District Council can be found here: