Early Years Governance Boards or Early Intervention Funding (EIF)

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Early Intervention Funding or EIFs are held fortnightly, alternating between the East and the West of the County.

West Quadrants – North West & South West

Applications to be submitted by2020 Panel Dates
Tuesday 21st July Tuesday 28th July 
Tuesday 18th August Tuesday 25th August 
Tuesday 15th September Tuesday 22nd September 
Tuesday 13th October Tuesday 20th October  
Tuesday 10th November Tuesday 17th November  
Tuesday 8th December Tuesday 15th December  

East Quadrants – North East & South East

Applications to be submitted by2020 Panel Dates
Tuesday 7th July Tuesday 14th July  
Tuesday 4th August Tuesday 11th August  
Tuesday 1st September Tuesday 8th September 
Tuesday 29th September Tuesday 6th October 
Tuesday 27th October Tuesday 3rd November 
Tuesday 24th November Tuesday 1st December 

Future dates will be advertised on the Surrey Local Offer pages as well as the Early Years Ebulletin

Changes in the process for Early Years Providers to apply for additional funding to support 2, 3 and 4 year olds with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) came into effect on the 1st April 2020. Prior to the 1st April 2020 early years funding for 2, 3 and 4 year olds was divided into 2 pots: Inclusion Fund and Discretionary Funding.

All providers who are registered to deliver Early Years Funded Entitlement are eligible to apply including maintained schools, academies, private, voluntary and  independent provision.

This funding is to enable providers to support children with additional needs within mainstream early years settings and is a supplement of early years funding and can therefore only be awarded for funding hours.


There are two levels to the EIF funding:

Funding at Setting Support

This funding is available to eligible 2, 3 and 4 year olds for their funded entitlement hours only.

This funding is for low and emerging need and will usually be awarded for a full funded period, plus the remainder of the funded period in which an application is made.

Funded periods are:

01 April to 31 August

01 September to 31 December

01 January to 31 March.

For each individual child evidence within the SEND Support Plan up to Setting Support Level, will be required.  This includes: a one-page profile, EYFS tracker, summary of needs (as identified using the profile of needs) plus at least one outcomes and targets, any referral made.

Out of County – For children accessing a Surrey setting but living outside of the county, funding is only available at Setting Support Level.

Funding for Specialist Support/ Setting Support Plus

This funding is available to eligible 2, 3 and 4 year olds for their funded entitlement only.

This funding is for more complex or significant needs.

Awarded for a minimum of a full funded period, plus the remainder of the funded period in which application is made.  Application can be made for up to three funded periods and will be considered on an individual basis.


Use of the funding will be reviewed regularly and the panel will confirm the date of the review in their offer letter.  It will also be detailed in the terms and conditions, which will be signed by the provider. The review will include completion of the various documents.

Who sits on the panel?

The panel has a multi-professional membership and made up of representatives of:

  • Graduated Response Early Years Team
  • SEN Area Team
  • Speech and Language Therapist (SALT)
  • Health representative
  • Educational representatives such as SEES Team

Who will the Chairperson be?

It will be chaired by the Service Manager for SEND Commissioning Team or the Graduated Response Service Manager.

What will they consider?

  • Decisions relating to distribution of funding based on children needing additional support at Setting Support Level or Setting Support Plus / Specialist Support level

It will:

  • have oversight of the eligibility of specialist nursery places
  • look at the intervention in place and suggested relevant funding to support

EIF panel outcomes are recoded along with any follow up actions.

The Application Process

The completed EIF Application Form and SEND Support Plan must be submitted 10 working days prior to the panel date and emailed to: eypanel@surreycc.gov.uk

An acknowledgement of the application will be sent via email.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.  If not considered at the panel re-applications will be presented to the next Early Years Panel and the decision made on the award.

Following the panel the decision will be communicated by email and where the application is successful an offer letter including Terms and Conditions will be issued.

Can I get any support?

The Graduated Response Team will be able to provide support and advice:

fundedearlyeducation@surreycc.gov.uk: is the email address for the finance team, the FEET and FEE teams.

How can the money can be used?

The Terms and Conditions will give guidance on how the funding can be used and may stipulate specific activities according to the needs of the child.

It may include:

  • Training, e.g. Elklan or Makaton
  • Identified resources
  • Enhancing staff ratios
  • At setting support i.e. enhancing the adult ratio for a period of time to support a specific child with SEND or behaviour needs
  • Nurture or language groups
  • Specific interventions
  • At Setting Support Plus – enhancing the ratio for a longer specified duration resources
  • Enhanced transition arrangements

The panel will consider other intervention for a child, not specified above and could include:

  • access to Early Intervention Programmes
  • specific training
  • identified resources
  • contribution towards enhancing staff ratio

Specialist Nurseries

There is a new procedure for Specialist Nurseries.

A Referral Form is completed by Specialist Early Education Service (SEES), the Graduated Response Team, Paediatricians, SALT or Physical Sensory Support Service (PSSS) and sent in with a completed SEND Support Plan and Health and Education Reports.

Dates for specialist nursery panel to be confirmed.