Early Years Governance Boards

  • Please note there is an Information Sheet on Governance Boards for School aged children

Link for the Surrey Local Offer page: https://www.surreylocaloffer.org.uk/kb5/surrey/localoffer/site.page?id=NpVDtph7brU

Link to Early Intervention Funding: Early Intervention Funding (EIF) | Surrey Local Offer

Early Intervention Funding (EIF) panels are held fortnightly, alternating between the East and the West of the County.  All dates are advertised on the Local Offer site. There are dates for applications to be submitted and then the panel convenes two weeks later.

All providers who are registered to deliver Early Years Funded Entitlement are eligible to apply for EIF, including maintained schools, academies, private, voluntary and independent provision.

This funding is to enable providers to support children with additional needs within mainstream early years settings and is a supplement of early years funding and can therefore only be awarded for funding hours.


This funding is available to eligible 2, 3 and 4 year olds for their funded entitlement hours only.

There are three levels to the EIF funding:

  1. Universal Plus for children at risk of delay

Universal Plus funding is for children who require additional support and may be able to make progress through evidence-based interventions. It is short term funding to allow for interventions or targeted support to close gaps.

  • Targeted for individual children who continue to make less than expected progress, despite evidence-based support and interventions.

For targeted funding to be awarded, settings will be asked to provide a Surrey Support Plan (SSP) that details the needs of the child.

  •  Enhanced for children with the most complex or persistent needs


Use of the funding will be reviewed regularly and the panel will confirm the date of the review in their offer letter.  It will also be detailed in the terms and conditions, which will be signed by the provider.

Who sits on the panel?

The panel has a multi-professional membership and is made up of representatives from:

– Early Years SEND Team

– Early Years Educational Effectiveness

– SEN Area Team

– Speech and Language Therapist (SALT)

– Health representative

– Specialist Early Education Service (SEES) Team

Who chairs the EIF panel?

It will be chaired by the Service Managers/Commissioning Manager for SEND, Education and Early Years

What will be considered at the panel?

The needs of the child will be discussed and funding awarded to support at the appropriate level.

Can I get support?

The Early Years SEND Team will be able to provide support and advice:

How can the funding be used?

The funding can be used for the following:

  • Training, e.g. Elklan or Makaton
  • Identified resources
  • Enhancing staff ratios
  • Specific interventions
  • To support transition arrangements