How to Log onto a Virtual Hearing

Video Hearings are carried out via Kinly CVP – Cloud Video Rooms. The smartphone app is Pexip Infinity Connect.

You would of received a guide with your Joining Details that sets out the steps required to connect a to a Cloud Video Platform (CVP) room from a smartphone or tablet running the free Pexip Infinity Connect app to enable video hearings to take place.

When joining a hearing using CVP, you should be in a private, quiet area so that your conversations are not overheard and excess noise isn’t picked up by your microphone.

Prior to hearing

Ensure you either have the App or have Google Chrome on your laptop / computer so you can access the video hearing.  If you are using Apple products then Safari will need to be used.

At hearing

You will need to log in 30 mins before the hearing to ensure that everyone can log in, see and hear each other. If you need help then you can ask the Administrator who leads this time. It is also an opportunity to see the names of the Judge and specialists.

You will also be able to ensure your witnesses have logged in too.

If you have any issues logging in then email and mark it urgent. Also call the First-tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability) on 01325 289 350.

If your video doesn’t work then you are able to call in and the number if on the Hearing Log in letter. If your hearing is taking place on the phone remember to say your name before speaking.

Open Google Chrome and then copy the link of the hearing into the search bar. (If you are using Apple products then remember to open Safari first).