Partnership Resource Forum (PRFs)

Partnership Resource Forum or PRF’s are held every fortnight in the four quadrants of Surrey – South East, South West, North East and North West. They are sometimes referred to as Panels.

The Chair should be the Area Special Needs Managers of the quadrant. They are attended by a mixture of professionals to discuss and make decisions on some or all of the following:

• Requests for EHCP assessments

• Deciding whether to issue an EHCP following assessment

• School placements (type only – the panel will make that decision based on the evidence they have)

• Hours of support

• Funding/banding

An SEN Officers will take minutes. Papers should be circulated electronically prior to the meeting so that members are made aware and are prepared to make decisions pertaining to their area of responsibility.

There is an advance schedule of dates which are agreed in order to enable any pre-meetings to be organised around them. It is essential that services are properly represented at these forums to enable decision making to proceed and therefore there should be a system of delegation in case of a member being off sick for example.

Decisions are made based on documented evidence, i.e. professional assessments from a statutory EHC Needs assessment along with other supporting evidence or an Annual Review.

As parents, you should receive written notification of the outcome from your SEND case officer within 2 weeks of the PRF. A decision letter will be sent giving you the right of appeal if applicable.

Once the decision has been made you will be notified within 2 weeks of what that decision is. At that point the LA will have to issue a Draft EHCP, this will not have any school or type of school named in Section I as you as parents have to be given the opportunity to name a parental preference school in your response to the Draft.

If the LA determine that specialist provision is appropriate you should be sign posted to a list of schools that the LA will be formally consult with to see who can meet your child’s needs.

If the LA decide that mainstream is appropriate, the Panel will determine the amount of hours of support that your child will need. A place will be sought in the nearest appropriate mainstream school to your home that has an available place.