Learners –Single Point of Access (L-SPA)

This is where you will find (from 5 October 2020) the new paperwork and the revised process for the EHC Needs Assessment process:

“The Learners Single Point of Access (L-SPA) was created as part of Surrey’s vision and drive to ensure that all our children have access to a good quality education and receive timely help and support where there is a concern about the development or learning needs of a child. We know that access to high quality, evidence-based information can be key in changing the direction of travel or improving the quality of the journey itself for families. We also know that delays in communication and families having to repeat their story can be frustrating, so we set out to develop and improve our services, to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people and work together in a timely and solutions focussed manner”

Taken from the Local Offer website

The L-SPA does not replace any existing services.

The idea is to ‘add value to them acting as a single point of access to the right services for a child’s needs and to help everyone who works with, or cares for, our most vulnerable children and young people to navigate the system’.

The L-SPA can help all professionals involved in meeting the special educational needs (SEN) of children and young people aged from 0to 25 years old through two easy to access pathways:

  • L-SPA Request for Support
  • Request for Assessment

There will still be an Early Years request for support form in addition to the above.

There will also be advice and support from the Graduated Response and the Graduated Response Early Years teams. All forms and a short video can be found here.

Making a request for an EHC Needs Assessment (for parent/carers):

The process below is for professionals, e.g. schools or childcare settings, to complete. At present, there is no form for parents. If the education setting (school or nursery, for example) do not want to complete the forms or feel it necessary to apply you are able to simply write to the LA to trigger the requirement for the LA to make the decision.

See our Information Sheets and template letters on EHC Needs Assessments and how you can apply.

Parents have the specific right to ask the LA to conduct an EHC Needs Assessment for a child or young person aged0 to 25 years. Letters can be sent to the following email address:

Making a request for an EHC Needs Assessment (for professionals)

If a professional supporting a child or young person feels a statutory assessment may be required then they must follow the following. Before submitting your application, you will also be prompted to supply any other additional evidence that may support your request for statutory assessment.

  1. Go to the SEND Local Offer Learners Request for statutory EHC Needs Assessment page
  2. Download and complete the Learners Request for Assessment document
  3. Download and complete the Consent for Education, Health and Care Plan assessment which must be signed by someone with parental responsibility
  4. Complete the Online Learners Request for Assessment form and attach the two forms above along with any supporting evidence
  5. Then submit

This online form will be automatically sent to the L-SPA and does not need to go to the Area SEND Teams as well.

Important phone numbers:

  • L-SPA on 0300 2001015 (this is answered by the contact centre or the additional learning support service. They answer general questions, find out and pass you onto your Case Officer or will signpost to a Triage Team).
  • Professional Helpline Number on 0208 547 8260 (answered by the Graduated Response Team).