Monthly trend reports shared with the LA

Each month a report is pulled together on the tops queries and trends that come through the service.

We record the number of contacts in and out for that month alongside the top six reasons for contact in and out. We also record any concerns, general comments and trends. The events, meetings and training we may have attended and the number of tweets made in that month. We also record the number of website visits, pages published and the top three documents that were downloaded, searched on the site and the top pages viewed.

The reports are fed to many different teams in the LA including the SEN Team, Tribunal Team, Learners-Single Point of Access, User Participation Team, Quality Team, Commissioners, SEND Admissions and Area Schools Officers. We also attend some of these teams monthly meetings to discuss these reports in more detail.

The monthly trends are then used to pull together our end of year report.

Meeting our Minimum Standards

The monthly reports help meet the following the Minimum Standards (PDF):

1.8 The IASS has a development plan reviewed annually with the steering group/advisory body, which includes specific actions and improvement targets.

2.3 The IASS works with local partners, including local parent and young people forums to inform and influence policy and practice in the local area.

Previous monthly trend reports