Objecting to proposed amendments to EHC plan (template letter)

Download a copy of the Objecting to proposed amendments to EHC plan (template letter), or use the text below.

Template Letter: Objecting to the amendments the LA is proposing to make to an EHC plan 

All of the parts of this letter in bold will need to be changed or deleted so that they are relevant to your situation. 


[Your address and contact details] 

[Area SEN Manager] 


And by email to: [insert email address] 


Dear [Sir or Madam]

[Child or young person’s name], DoB [date of birth]: Representations on proposals to amend an EHC plan 

I am writing [as the parent of the above child / on behalf of the above young person], who has an EHC plan and [attends [name of school/college] / is currently out of [school/college]]

I acknowledge receipt of your Amendment Notice/draft EHC plan [and wish to request a meeting with a local authority officer to discuss the changes being proposed [delete if you do not want to meet with the local authority]]. I wish to make the following comments: 

[Explain why you are unhappy with the proposed amendments, and set out the amendments you would like to see made. If you have evidence to back up your proposals (e.g. recommendations from the school/college or professionals) then refer to this evidence and enclose copies if possible. 

If you want to change the name of the school/college named in Section I of the EHC plan this is when you should let the local authority know. You can still do this even if the LA were not proposing to change the name of the school or college.] 

I understand that if we are unable to agree the amendments to the EHC plan there will be a right of appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability) (the “SEND Tribunal”). I hope that by making these comments [and meeting to discuss this matter [delete if you do not want a meeting]] we will be able to avoid involving the SEND Tribunal. 

I understand that, under Regulation 22 of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014, you are required to finalise the EHC plan within 8 weeks of the Amendment Notice. As such I would appreciate a prompt response. 

Yours faithfully, 

[Your name] 

[Or if on behalf of a young person:] 

[Your name] on behalf of [name of young person] 

Taken from IPSEA’s website