Our support during COVID-19

As a team we are all working from home. You are still able to call us on 01737 737300 and leave a message 24 hours a day – we will be calling in to listen to these throughout the day and evening.
We also have our contact sheet on the website – http://www.sendadvicesurrey.org.uk and this is send directly to our inbox, we will then be able to call or reply via email.

We are also receiving and replying to emails when we are able to log onto the system. The team will be working throughout the day and evening to ensure we can advise as quickly as possible. Our email is sendadvice@surreycc.gov.uk

Where possible do leave a landline number, a mobile and your e-mail address. When we can access the emails we will be able to text out (only) but with the mobile reception under pressure sometimes we can’t hear so a landline is the best number for us to call you on.

We are updating the front of our website when we have something new to share, as well as twitter – #SENDadviceSurrey so do follow us!

Please remember that our number comes up as withheld when we call.

There is also update information and resources on the Local Offer pages – www.surreylocaloffer.org.uk/coronavirus