Responding to your draft EHC plan (template letter)

Download a copy of the Responding to your draft EHC plan (template letter), or use the text below.

Template Letter: Responding to a draft EHC plan 

All of the parts of this letter in bold will need to be changed or deleted so that they are relevant to your situation. 


[Your address and contact details] 

[SEN Area Manager] 


And by email to: [insert email address] 


Dear [Sir or Madam]

[Child or young person’s name], DoB [date of birth]: Representations on draft EHC plan [and request for meeting to discuss] [delete if you do not want a meeting] 

I am writing [as the parent of the above child / on behalf of the above young person] to acknowledge receipt of the draft EHC plan. We would like to make the following representations about the content of the EHC plan [and ask for a meeting to discuss it].  

[Set out your comments on the draft EHC plan here.  

If you are objecting because certain evidence which you provided has not been included, explain which evidence is missing, and if possible attach copies.  

If you want changes made to the draft EHC plan, it is best if you can refer to the evidence to show why this change should be made. For example, “In Section B, there is no mention of my child’s speech difficulties, which are described at pages 2-4 of Dr Smith’s report. In Section F, there is no provision to meet those needs. The same report, at page 5, recommends monthly sessions with a speech and language therapist.] 

Finally, the [school/college] we wish to be named on the EHC plan when it is finalised is [name of school/college].  

[We recommend you read the section of our website on ‘Choosing a school or other setting’ to understand the different types of school. You should include the following paragraph if the setting you are asking for is a maintained school or nursery, an academy, a Further Education institution, a non-maintained special school or a section 41 school or college.] 

[We understand that you are required to consult with this [school/college] under section 39(1) of the Children and Families Act 2014. We also understand that you have to name this [school/college] unless you can successfully argue that one of the exceptions under section 39(4) of the Children and Families Act 2014 apply.] 

Yours faithfully, 

[Your name] 

[Or if on behalf of a young person:] 

[Your name] on behalf of [name of young person] 

Taken from IPSEA’s website