Right to subject access request (template letter)

Download a copy of the Right to subject access request template letter here, or use the text below.

Template Letter – Right to Subject Access Request

Your Address


[Head Teacher

School Name

Street Address

Post Code]


We are writing to request access to our child’s school records under the Education (Pupil Information) (England) Regulations 2005 – Regulation 5 –

Regulation 5 of the Pupil Information Regulations provides that the governing body must make a pupil’s educational record available for inspection or provide a copy of the record within 15 school days of a parent’s written request. The time for response includes any time taken to seek third party consent. The school cannot charge to make the record available for inspection. Charges for copying the educational record are set by the governing body and must not exceed the cost of supply (regulation 5(3))“

For the avoidance of doubt, we request full copies of school records for [CHILD’S NAME] to include but not limited to:

1. All records from beginning of year ….… [Or start of education year] including the consultation period prior to [optional if child was previously at a different school] [child’s name] starting date at [name of school].

2. All correspondence relating to [CHILD’S NAME] including letters and emails, both sent and received internally & externally

3. All records including special education needs records, IEP’s SEN Support Plans, Provision Maps &/or equivalent (all planning, monitoring documents).

4. Any reports on [CHILD’S NAME] by any party including any outside agency involved (Speech and Language Service, learning Support etc)

5. Disciplinary records

6. Administrative records

7. Attendance records

8. Memoranda

9. Electronic records

10. Records of any conversations, meetings and telephone calls/conversations including those to outside agencies.

11. Any incident reports

12. Personalised timetable/programme/intervention including baseline levels and attainment within. Teacher on-going assessments “without levels” of my child’s attainment in securing compulsory criteria & evidence used to ascertain security.

13. Any other material pertaining to the child. All of the above to be redacted where necessary with consideration for data protection – Information that mentions another person in passing, such as letters which include details of the special educational needs provision for a number of children in the school including the applicant’s child. This information should be edited to blank out names other than the applicant’s.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]