SEND Advice Surrey’s (SENDIAS) Steering Group

The first meeting of the newly formed Steering Group will sit on Wednesday 6th October 2021 to agree the Terms of Reference, Code of Conduct, Impartiality and Confidentially Policies.

The SENDIAS Steering Group ensures we meet the national minimum standards for a SENDIAS service and monitors that we operate in an impartial and confidential way.

The Steering Group agrees the objectives for the service and is made up of a number of services and professionals involved with children and young people with special additional needs and/or disabilities (SEND) as well as parents and young people. The group includes parents who have used the service and are well placed to providing parental perspective on the effectiveness in services delivered.  

The meetings are chaired by Surrey’s Parent Carer Forum, Family Voice. The SENDIAS Team Manager and an Advisor also sit on the Steering Group.

Terms of Reference (to be agreed by Group)

This document sets out the purpose and aims of the Steering Group, as well as outlining who should be on the group, the frequency of meetings and relationship to other groups.

Member Code of Conduct and Eligibility (to be agreed by Group)

This document gives clear guidance on the standards of behaviour expected, conduct, eligibility and commitment of being a member of the Group.

The SENDIAS service Steering Group will:

  • promote and support the development of SEND Advice Surrey
  • ensure that SEND Advice Surrey operates at ‘arms-length’ from Surrey County Council Local Authority 
  • identify and promote good practice, raise issues and concerns, identify gaps in the service
  • pass on the above information to relevant agencies
  • have a formal mechanism for presenting this information to Surrey County Council
  • have a formal mechanism for the Local Authority and relevant agencies to respond to the above
  • have a formal mechanism for the Local Authority to keep the group informed of developments in the Local Area and
  • promote a culture of challenge and support, supporting both the SENDIAS service and Surrey’s Local Authority in service delivery and the arrangements for maintaining impartiality.