Update from Global Mediation – March 2020

Message from Global Mediation, March 2020:

In response to the COVID-19 situation, Global Mediation have published the following statement:
[Global Mediation want] to reassure all service users that we have robust procedures in place and can continue to offer a great service. Staff are working remotely, and putting in extra hours, but it may take a little longer to respond so please bear with us.

All face-to-face meetings are now by online video. Taking part in video meetings is easy – just a click on the link that we send. No special software, knowledge or equipment is needed (just a laptop or a smartphone). Our team is trained to assist to make this as easy as possible.

These can now be arranged quickly, are proving to be extremely successful and can provide a better alternative to going through the whole Tribunal process, especially given the uncertainty of hearings in the next few months. Video mediation does not prejudice appeal rights, and certificates will be issued following the session in the usual way.

PLEASE SUPPORT VIDEO MEDIATION MEETINGS to enable this important service to continue”.